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Now you can unleash your imagination when cooking meat! With mincemeat you can prepare delicious hamburgers and meat balls, aided by the use of our wire masher and innovative meatball tongs for producing the perfect spherical shape. If you have a predilection for steaks and chops, use our Meat Pounder and Meat Piercer to make it more tender and improve cooking. If you have a passion for roasts, you cannot do without our innovative Herb Infuser, designed for seasoning meats with herbs and spices, and our professional thermometer for measuring its temperature and ensuring optimum cooking. For real barbecue diehards, we also have a set of stainless steel skewers and tools that have been specially designed for cooking steaks, hot dogs and sausages on the barbecue without the risk of burning yourself. Once you have given free rein to your imagination, serve your delicious meat-based dishes on the table, helping yourself with the right accessories: tongs for roast potatoes, poultry shears and our irreplaceable Meat Slicer, ideal for holding the meat firmly and for cutting roast beef into perfect slices.

Informiamo i nostri clienti che, a causa delle ferie relative al periodo estivo, i nostri ordini subiranno dei ritardi dal 6 al 16 Agosto.  Le spedizioni riprenderanno normalmente dal 17 Agosto

We inform our customers that, due to the summer holidays, our orders will be delayed from 6 to 16 August. Shipments will normally resume from August 17th

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  1. meatball tongs

    For meatballs perfectly round and not only: perfect for preparing also dumplings, tuscan gnudi with ricotta and spinach, croquettes. Without getting your hands dirty. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.



  5. multipurpose meat mallet

    An elegant designed meat tenderizer hammer, always at hand. Two different surfaces: knurled to soften any type of meat, smooth to crush and make it thin. Also very useful to crush poached garlic and to break the shells of walnuts and hazelnuts. Genietti: 1000 and 1 answers for your kitchen.
  6. Meat skewer

    Present in an original way your barbecue, cooked to perfection. An innovative skewer: its flat structure and the side arrangement of the food, prevent the skewer to roll: more stable and secure on the grill, for a perfect cooking. Moreover the food, firmly placed in the side prongs, can be cooked evenly, avoiding some pieces that do not revolve with the others. The food thus placed, makes it easier to remove it from the skewer during the meal. Curved tail provides a secure grip during the cooking and meal: ideal for the barbecue, for all types of meat, sausages, wursts, vegetables into cubes, reusable, washable, hygienic. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  7. spice infuser

    Designed to spice up any kind of meat during cooking. Fill the tank with water, vinegar, olive oil, broth or wine, add seasonings or spices both fresh and dried. Insert the tip into the tank and then put the infuser in any cut of meat of sufficient size to cover the holes on the tip. The heat vaporize the dressing pushing throughout the meat. We recommend using the infuser halfway through cooking the meat to make its action more effective. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  8. meat tenderizer

    The professional kitchentool with a dual function: to aerate leavened pastries, pastry and pizza dough and as a tenderizer for meat. Thanks to the holes, the dough or meat become softer and cooking improves. Genietti: 1000 and 1 answers for your kitchen!
  9. wire masher

    To prepare dough for meatballs, crush and mix the potatoes for gnocchi, fillings for dumplings and tortelli, dough for cakes, pizza, homemade pasta, all without touching the food, keeping your hands clean. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  10. Roast thermometer

    Design by IPAC Lab
    Just pull out the spiked thermometer by carrying it from its pocket case, and insert it into meat or fish to measure its temperature and check just for doneness. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
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