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Fish may be exquisitely delicious, but it is often very tedious to prepare, especially when you have to clean it and the irritating smell lingers on your hands for hours afterwards. With our Fish Scaler you will no longer need any knives to clean it. Hold it like a brush and move it along the surface of the fish until all the scales are removed. Then remove the bones with our handy set of professional tweezers, which will help you remove even the smallest and most tricky bones which, no matter how carefully you clean the fish, are often left on the plate. It is especially recommended for preparing fish for your children, as now they can eat fish in total safety. But if you prefer a single multi-purpose accessory, we also have a knife specially designed for fish that can perform five functions. It acts as a sharp knife, a handy can opener, a quick scaler, an effective slicer for carpaccio slices and a handy set of tweezers for removing the bones. Finally, when used like a normal bar of soap under running water, our stainless steel soap bar will help you remove even the most stubborn of odours from your hands in a matter of seconds.

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    The innovative lemon squeezer that goes straight to the lemon's heart without cutting it. Perfect to extract lemon juice easily and quickly and for seasoning. Dishwasher safe. Stainless steel. Dimensions 10x2,4x2,6 cm
  2. Inox soap

    Funky smell on your hands after cooking? Now with stainless steel soap you won't have to use harmfull chemicals on your skin: just rub it on hands like regular soap under water and in just a few seconds all the smell will disappear. Genietti: 1000 and 1 answers for your kitchen!
  3. Fish scaler

    Safe and easy to use: hold it like a brush and skim on the fish until the complete elimination of any scale. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  4. fishbone tongs

    Perfect to remove even the smallest and insidious fishbones. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  5. Fish skewer

    Present with a smile your grilled fish! An innovative skewer: its flat structure and the side arrangement of the food, prevent the skewer to roll: more stable and secure on the grill, for a perfect cooking. Moreover the food, firmly placed in the side prongs, can be cooked evenly, avoiding some pieces that do not revolve with the others. The food thus placed, makes it easier to remove it from the skewer during the meal. Curved tail provides a secure grip during the cooking and meal: ideal for the barbecue, for all types of fish cubes, salmon, tuna, shrimp, squid etc ... Reusable, washable, hygienic. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.
  6. Multipurpose fish knife

    Design by IPAC Lab.
    A single tool for 5 functions. A sharp knife, a comfortable can opener, a fast fish scaler, a practical slicer for carpaccio, and a handy tong for removing the bones. Space saver, easy to clean and does not retain the smell of the fish. Genietti: 1000 and 1 solution

    Do you want to cook the fish in fast and easy way? Here's the kitchen accessories perfect for you:

    • Saponetta inox: the soap that removes the most stubborn smells from hands
    • Pinzetta lische: the tongs to remove even the smallest and insidious fishbones
    • Squamapesci: the tool to remove all scale from the fish
    • Spremilimoni: the squeezer that goes directly into the heart of the lemons without cutting it or lemon spills
    • Spiedino tondo: the original skewer that fits the round plates
  8. Defrost Plate

    Defrost up to 3x faster
    • no microwave required
    • no electricity required
    • keeping the flavor intact
    Anodinamic™ Micro Finishing due to its excellent thermal conductivity, focuses ambient heat on the surface of the plate to speed up the thawing process. It will be sufficient to place the food on the plate to thaw up to 3 times faster, avoiding passing it under running water or in the microwave, so as to preserve the flavor, reducing the loss of nutritional properties.
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8 Item(s)