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Fish may be exquisitely delicious, but it is often very tedious to prepare, especially when you have to clean it and the irritating smell lingers on your hands for hours afterwards. With our Fish Scaler you will no longer need any knives to clean it. Hold it like a brush and move it along the surface of the fish until all the scales are removed. Then remove the bones with our handy set of professional tweezers, which will help you remove even the smallest and most tricky bones which, no matter how carefully you clean the fish, are often left on the plate. It is especially recommended for preparing fish for your children, as now they can eat fish in total safety. But if you prefer a single multi-purpose accessory, we also have a knife specially designed for fish that can perform five functions. It acts as a sharp knife, a handy can opener, a quick scaler, an effective slicer for carpaccio slices and a handy set of tweezers for removing the bones. Finally, when used like a normal bar of soap under running water, our stainless steel soap bar will help you remove even the most stubborn of odours from your hands in a matter of seconds.

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